Board of Trustees



Neal Campbell

Neal is a keen tinkerer and maker. When he's not building stuff or doing paperwork for the tool library, he's a professional photographer and building manager at Vault Artist Studios. 'I can't wait to get Belfast Tool Library up and running so that we can share tools and skills, and build a thriving community of fixers and doers.'


Mike Smith

Mike is originally from Scotland and has been working in Carnival Arts over 15 years, wearing lots of different hats (and not all of them P.P.E.). He said: "There's a lot of lonely tools out there crying & rusting in cold, dark sheds & backs of cupboards. I just want to help them get back to work, back where they belong, doing what they loooong to do... Nothing warms the heart more than a smiling hammer."


Chris Campbell Palmer

Chris is a keen maker of all things with a background in sculpture and furniture production. He worked as an art fabricator and workshop technician in London for years, before returning to his native Belfast. When he's not building stuff for and sorting out our Tool Library community workshop, Chris will be found at his day job installing exhibitions at The MAC or programming synthesizers.


Stephen Wood

Stephen is a founder of Tools for Solidarity, a Belfast-based charity gathering old tools and sewing machines here, refurbishing them and sending them to Africa where they are helping people set up small businesses.

He has been sharing his wealth of tools expertise, and along with his brother John, helping us sort through the tools which have been donated, checking for safety and ensuring they are in tip top condition to be shared. Stephen said: "I am passionate about volunteering, sustainability and social justice and how we can build communities that promote both. The Tools Library is a brilliant way to share valuable resources and skills and provide a space for people to come together to question how we can achieve a more equitable, sustainable society." Amen to that.


Louise Gorman

Louise is MD of BSS (NI), a firm providing accountancy, bookkeeping and support to small businesses and charities. Her DIY career started early. With her Dad as her teacher, she learned to drive a mini digger, put up shelves, lay bricks and helped him tile a garage roof at the age of just 12. She’s excited to spread the joy of being able to take on DIY around your home and have the tools available to make the job easier and more accessible to everyone. The community spirit of a sharing library and helping the environment make it a project that’s close to my heart.’

Chris McCartney

Chris knows very little about tools but she's here to learn. She is passionate about new ways of organising and sharing our skills and resources. Chris is a founder and organiser of Repair Cafe Belfast and before that was a journalist and campaigner.

She’s excited to see the Tool Library taking shape and thinks it’s awesome to see people come together, share stuff and skills and build something which will help the community, we hope, for years to come. And she hopes it will inspire other communities and other practical projects that bring people together and make it easier for us to live better and more sustainably.


Kathryn McShane


Our Volunteers

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