How It Works

Just like a library for books, at Belfast Tool Library, you can borrow tools for up to a week and then bring them back for someone else to use. To borrow tools, you must be a member, pay a membership fee (to help us cover our costs and keep the lights on!), and agree to our tool use policy (upload/link) and membership agreement (upload/link). These guidelines keep everyone safe and protect the future of the tool library.


When can I use the Tool Library & Workshop?

Initially the tool library will be open Saturdays 10-1pm. We hope to add other sessions mid-week soon. The workshop will be open soon.

What can I borrow?

Members can borrow up to three power tools at any one time, plus hand tools. You can view the tools we have available to lend here. We are still adding tools to our inventory, so please check back or get in touch if you don’t see the tool you need. You can keep the tool for one week. It’s free to borrow tools once you have become a member.

Can I renew?

You can renew items for up to one week as long as they are not in demand by someone else. [How to renew?]

What if I don’t return an item?

You’re preventing other members from using tools they need, so we urge you to return your loans on time! As a helpful reminder, late fees of £1 a day per tool will be charged, with money going to help cover BTL running costs.

What about accessories I need for my tool?

We have a basic selection of accessories you can borrow with your tool, like drill bits for drills and safety goggles. It’s really important you return them along with your tool for the next person to use. We will also offer consumable items like sandpaper to fit our sanders for a small suggested donation. As we aren’t able to stock every potential part, if you need something really specialised, you may have to visit the hardware shop on your way home from the tool library.

How much does it cost?

Suggested membership fee is £25 for the year, though you are welcome to contribute more if you want to support the project. Because we want Belfast Tool Library to be accessible to everyone, you are also welcome to pay less if £25 is not affordable for you. Once you are member, there are no charges to borrow tools or use the workshop. There will be a charge for classes but we’ll offer a concession rate and discounts for members.

How can I volunteer?

The tool library is totally reliant on our brilliant volunteers, and we welcome new members to our team. We hold volunteer induction and training session throughout the year. You can sign up to hear about the next one here. Regular volunteers can use the library for free as a thank you for their work