Belfast Tool Library will be run by volunteers, committed to making tools and the skills to use them available to many more people in Belfast. We're passionate about helping people share resources and skills. If you are too, it’s an exciting time to join in as we get up and running and helping to shape this new project.

We’ll need all kinds of skills and people to make this happen:

Librarian – friendly, good with people and able to keep track of items and loans on our simple computer system

Admin – helping us stay organised, by processing membership forms, new tools and more

Tool Expert – knowledgeable and skilled with tools, ready and willing to share your expertise in an encouraging way in both the library and workshop, helping us keep our stock of tools in tip top condition

Other - maybe you have a special skill that would help us – we’d love to discuss it!

We’re asking people to sign up for a minimum of one three-hour session per month, but you are welcome to do more. Initially these will be on a Saturday morning but soon we hope to open one evening a week too. Regular volunteers will get free membership of the tool library and access to the workshop, as well as knowing you are helping to shape a new and exciting project, something which will serve the community and help many more people of Belfast make, do and learn more.


To get the right mix of skills, we will let you know as soon as possible if you have been selected and invite you to attend an induction session followed by a training day at the library. After this, there will be ongoing volunteer intakes so please apply any TIME BY FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW.

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